What is a Wiki?
A collaborative online space that is hosted on a website. People become members of the space and contribute new content, minor edits, or create discussion about given topics.

Is it Wikipedia? No, Jimmy Wales created the best known wiki. But it has taken off because of its dedicated users.

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Classroom Examples

Wiki Contents

Links, Calendars, maps, pictures, discussion, book reviews, charts, graphs, shared space for collabortion: lit circles

Using Wiki's in Edcuation This is an excellent resource that answers questions posed on this wiki. The Science of Spectroscopy

Wiki's in Education wiki Book

Organisational Wiki Adoption

Have a purpose - to collaborate is not a purpose

From Wiki Patterns
Patterns for Growth
Start with a kick off tutorial/party
Attract Exclusive Content
Small conitinuous Gardening

- editing is easier then creating
- too much structure organic is better
- doing it all, teach and encourage others

"wiki technology is being used to help coordinate new computerized animation tools for the studio's planned 2008 release of a film called "WALL-E." - Wall Street Journal

the Good the Bad and the Ugly of the Internet

Tips on developing a wiki commuity.

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