Screencasting is creating video of your computers desktop. It is useful to share software tutorials. Here are some links to findings and ideas for use.


Snapz Pro X (Mac $69) Once you create your screencast clip using Snapz you can edit the file in iMovie if needed. When complete upload the file to youtube or

Camtasia (PC $300)

Free Tools

Jing - Intro to Jing Screencast

Camtasia Studio 3



Snagit May be worth checking out. From the tutorials it looks to be popular with gamers

Ideas for and examples of screencast use.

Dr. Alec Couros, University of Regina, has this wiki page full of screencasts and tutorials.

Dr. Alan Cann, from the University of Leicester uses video to share statistic and MicroBiology Courses
Sandy Winterbottom, from the University of Leicester, presentation on Virtual Lecturing using Screencasting and Podcasts.

Jake Blanchard uses screencasts from the University of Wisconsin uses screencasts to review how to use Excel VBA and Matlab for engineering problem solving.

The Virtually Blind Blog, shares Elizabeth Townsend Gard, a Visiting Professor at the Seattle University School of Law has students create ScreenCasts on Virtual Law

Chad Boeninger, from Ohio University shares screencasts on Business Databases

University of Waterloo Library Screencasts

David Jakes uses Camtaisia to demo Google Street View. See his tutorials here

Online Course - 5 Weeks to a Social Library uses Screencasts as part of the course material.


Dan Schellenberg, from Melville, uses Jing screencasts for highschool math classes.

Joselyn Todd uses screencasts with her grade 7 class and shares findings on this blog.

Resources and articles

What is screencasting? By Jon Udell O'Reilly Media, Nov 16, 2005
Presenters University shares these screencasting tips for beginners.